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Equip Interim meets your handling personnel needs

Are you looking for a reliable and competent handling team? Don't have time to embark on a recruitment process?

Our temporary agency, Equip Interim, assists you in finding talents capable of effectively managing handling and logistics tasks.

Our goal is to simplify the recruitment process for you and provide you with competent profiles tailored to your specific requirements.

Recruitment for various handling positions

Our rigorous recruitment process enables us to select qualified candidates for various handling positions.

Whether you are looking for handlers, forklift operators, order pickers, or other handling-related profiles, we identify individuals ready to contribute to the smoothness of your operations.

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Equip Interim, your expert in handling recruitment

Equip Interim has proven expertise in recruitment for the handling sector, covering a variety of logistics and industrial fields.

Our temporary agency supports employers and provides them with HR solutions tailored to their specific needs in handling personnel recruitment.

A flexible and responsive temporary agency

Are you looking for candidates for temporary replacements, short-term assignments, or long-term recruitments?

We are committed to meeting your handling personnel needs.

Our mission is to provide you with competent and responsive profiles for your handling operations.

Versatile profiles

Handling candidates selected by Equip Interim are recognized for their versatility and ability to adapt to different logistics environments.

Their varied expertise ensures optimal handling performance.

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Recruitment of handling personnel in Wallonia and Brussels

Equip Interim offers specific recruitment for the handling sector in every region where you operate.

From Battice to Waremme, through Brussels, Eupen, Herstal, Huy, and Namur, our local presence ensures recruitment tailored to your handling personnel needs.

Discover how we can help you strengthen your logistics team for efficient and high-performing handling operations!