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Equip Interim meets your administrative personnel needs

Equip Interim fully recognizes the crucial role of administrative personnel in the smooth operation of a company.

We assist you in recruiting experienced professionals capable of accurately meeting your specific requirements in administrative management.

Recruitment of secretaries

Our rigorous recruitment process aims to select highly qualified secretaries and administrative assistants.

We offer meticulously selected candidates ready to provide efficient administrative support within your company, whether it's managing schedules, coordinating communications, or any other essential task.

Recruitment of management assistants

Equip Interim is dedicated to recruiting competent and versatile management assistants.

We select professionals trained to support and facilitate the essential administrative functions of your company, whether it's managing records, coordinating activities, or collaborating with different departments.

Recruitment of specialized administrative personnel

Recruitment of specialized administrative profiles, such as administrative managers or executive assistants, is part of our services.

We offer experienced candidates capable of managing complex and strategic administrative tasks.

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Equip Interim, your expert in administrative recruitment

Equip Interim has a strong expertise in recruiting administrative personnel for various sectors.

We offer experienced candidates capable of managing complex and strategic administrative tasks, thereby contributing to the efficiency and growth of your company.

Flexibility and responsiveness

We are committed to meeting your fluctuating needs for administrative personnel.

Whether it's for temporary replacements, occasional assignments, or long-term recruitments, we are here to provide you with responsive and competent administrative profiles.

Versatile profiles

Administrative candidates selected by Equip Interim are recognized for their versatility and ability to adapt to various requirements in the field.

Their diverse expertise ensures quality administrative services, regardless of the professional context.

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Administrative recruitment in Wallonia and Brussels

In every region where we operate, Equip Interim offers specialized recruitment of administrative personnel.

From Battice to Waremme, through Brussels, Eupen, Herstal, Huy, and Namur, our local presence ensures recruitment tailored to your specific administrative personnel needs.

Contact Equip Interim today to discover how we can help you strengthen your administrative teams.