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How is your vacation allowance calculated and granted when working as a temporary worker?

In Belgium, the vacation allowance for temporary workers is managed by specific organizations, such as the Holiday Fund for the Construction Industry and the Welfare Fund for Temporary Workers (FSE), depending on the sector in which the temporary worker is employed.

1. Employer and Employee Contributions

Employers contribute to the vacation allowance of their workers, including temporary workers.

These contributions are collected by the National Social Security Office (ONSS) and transferred to the competent organizations within the sector.

2. Centralization of Contributions

The contributions from various employers and temporary workers are centralized by sectoral organizations such as the National Office for Annual Vacations (ONVA) or the FSE.

3. Calculation of the Vacation Allowance

The vacation allowance is calculated based on the days worked during the reference period, usually the previous year.

The more days the temporary worker has worked, the higher their vacation allowance will be.

4. Payment of the Vacation Allowance

Once the calculation is done, the vacation allowance is paid to the temporary worker.

This payment can be made by the ONVA.

5. Communication to Workers

Temporary workers are informed of the amount of their holiday pay and the terms and conditions directly by the ONVA.

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