How many days can I work as a student ?

The regulation of student employment has changed significantly since 1 January 2012.

The Government now allows students to work 50 calendar days per year without having to pay the normal contributions (only a "solidarity" contribution of 2.71%, therefore much lower).

You may work throughout the academic year (during school holidays, but also at other times, provided you give priority to your studies and other school activities, of course!) on condition that you do not exceed the 50-day quota.

However, you may work more than 50 days if you so wish, but you and your employer will be liable for the usual contributions (13.07%). This option will therefore probably be less interesting for both of you.

To check the number of days remaining under student status, you can go to the web site:

These may be reduced for a maximum period of 50 days. To qualify for this, your work must take place at times when your presence at your educational establishment is not mandatory.

The employer hiring you must make a Dimona statement, i.e. an immediate confirmation of your employment to the ONSS. This statement will enable the ONSS to keep a student record. This record may be consulted by you or your employer. You will be able to remain aware of how many days are left for you as a student worker with reduced contributions by using student@work50days and printing a statement for your future employer.

Further information is available at : student@work

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