Job interview questions

First of all, remember that your future employer does not have the right to ask you questions about topics that are unduly personal or indiscreet, such as: " your religion, your philosophical beliefs, your private life, your political opinions, union membership, etc." He or she certainly has the right to know if you are married, but may not ask female candidates if they are pregnant …

But although the employer may not ask you intrusive questions about your private life, you must give honest answers to questions about your professional skills, training and experience. Inventing a history that you simply do not have could lead to a breach of contract for serious professional misconduct.

Questions from the employer

These will be intended to find out if you have the skills required for the job, but also to bring out your personality.

  • Tell me something about yourself. What are your qualities and faults?
  • Tell me about your education. Why did you choose these subjects to study? How have they helped you?
  • What are your career plans? What do you want to do?
  • Why this sector, this job, this company?
  • What is it that makes this job important to you?
  • How do you see your career in the medium term?
  • How would we benefit from hiring you?
  • How do you think you are qualified for this job? What would you improve in order to fulfil the requirements effectively?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Tell me about your achievements.
  • What sort of salary are you hoping for?
  • What do others say about you?
  • What would you be most proud of in your job?
  • Are you ready to work as part of a team?
  • Are you geographically mobile?

Your questions to the employer

Don't hesitate to put some questions to the future employer. It is also important that you have some prior knowledge of the sector in which you are applying to work. You can find out about the company you have applied to join by visiting its web site or researching the press.

  • Is it a newly created position or has the job become vacant?
  • What is the nature of the position: temporary replacement or full-time?
  • What are the aims of the service?
  • Should I be thinking of a generalist or specialist career path?
  • What qualities do you expect from a new employee?
  • What languages would I have to use?
  • Would I be working individually or as part of a team?
  • What sort of atmosphere does the team in which I would work have?
  • Is there likely to be any overseas travelling?
  • Is there a significant element of job mobility?
  • Are there any elements of my training or education that are of particular interest to you?
  • When and how will I be informed of the decision?

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