How do I prepare my CV ?

A CV is a bit like a business card. It explains "who you are". By looking at your personal details along with information about your studies, training and experience, an employer must be able to determine your aptitude for the proposed job.

The CV and the covering letter that goes with it are the documents that the employer will use to select you for a job interview, which makes them extremely important.

Be careful !!! Be honest in your CV. Do not invent experiences that you haven't had; do not present yourself as trilingual if you are not.

What should the CV look like in practice ?

  • It should be on white paper in A4 format, with a 2.5 cm margin.
  • It absolutely must be typed.
  • The best CVs are sometimes the shortest: a maximum of 2 pages if you have a long history with a lot of experience. The employer will appreciate your brevity and ability to summarise.

What needs to be included ?

  • Your personal details (surname, first name, nationality, address, telephone, e-mail), but also: your date of birth and marital status. If you own a car, mention the fact.
  • Your studies and training: list your qualifications in the order in which you obtained them (the most recent first). There is no point mentioning your primary education if you have a high school diploma, GCSEs, A levels, etc.
  • Your experience: everything is useful here (well, not just anything of course!) to bring out your personality. It is not essential to have a previous employment history: a period spent abroad, an activity, work experience or training can all be used to highlight your independence and adaptability. Here too begin with your most recent experiences. We suggest the following information: start date, finish date, name of employer and  job title. You can also summarise your duties in a few words.
    Languages: Be honest - don't claim to be trilingual if you are not! But don't undervalue yourself either! Mention your native language and distinguish between speaking and writing abilities.
  • IT skills: definitely include these.
  • Hobbies / leisure activities: cultural or sporting… Only include these if they reveal something about your qualities (team spirit, artistic ability, etc.).

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