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How do I prepare my CV ?

A CV is a bit like a business card. It explains "who you are". By looking at your personal details along with information about your studies, training and experience, an employer must be able to determine your aptitude for the proposed job.

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Job interview questions

First of all, remember that your future employer does not have the right to ask you questions about topics that are unduly personal or indiscreet, such as: " your religion, your philosophical beliefs, your private life, your political opinions, union membership, etc." He or she certainly has the right to know if you are married, but may not ask female candidates if they are pregnant …

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Why become a temp ?

Joining the Équip' team means :

  • receiving job offers that correspond to your profile
  • obtaining the free services of an employment coach: administrative support, legal advice, business contacts, ...
  • carrying out a professional activity and working under a temporary employment contract that complies with all requirements and regulations

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