Why Equip' ?

Our availability

  • 24-hour on-call team manned daily by the consultants in your agency
  • Equip’ shareholders are active within the company and at your service daily

Our reliability

  • 900 businesses trust us on a daily basis
  • Sound and constructive partnerships at your service (HEC-ULG, CCI Connect, UCM, Technifutur, etc.)
  • A quality Belgian SME ready to listen

Our human values

  • The safety of our temporary workers is our principal concern.
  • We are VCU certified.
  • Our closeness to our customers and our temporary workers results in contacts that are maintained by our experienced, loyal and flexible consultants.

Our professionalism

  • We are the specialists for your profile searches: employees, workers and students.
  • We have an HR solution for all your questions (temporary work, recruitment, outplacement, consultancy).
  • We have a pricing policy that respects our partnership and is adapted to your business volume.
  • We provide a straightforward administrative service (one-click service), efficient (with our automated process), custom-designed (SME approach) and ecofriendly (no paper).